We provide a team approach to excellent patient care using medication treatment and counseling resources for those struggling with alcohol or opiate misuse and addiction. The medications used work with the chemistry of your brain to dull the craving for substance, as well as prevent relapse. You deserve a full Recovery, from Physical to Mental Health and Wellness

Medical Treatments for Various Substance Addictions

Whether you are addicted to alcohol, pain pills or illegal narcotics, at ACCP we can help you work to overcome the addiction, using medical treatments and counseling for various substance addictions.
Alongside counseling, Vivitrol and Suboxone will be used to treat substance abuse. These medications assist in preventing relapse once the addictive substance ceases to be used. Whether it is an alcohol or opiate addiction, our medication and counseling treatment method will help to get your full wellness back.

Counseling Resources

Meet one-on-one with our compassionate physicians to create an individualized care plan based on your specific needs. We will help you discover possible triggers that lead you to a certain substance. This will enable you to later identify situations with these triggers, and learn how to avoid them.
Physically overcoming your addiction can be difficult but well-worth the process. Another imperative part of recovery, though, is how your mental health is coping with overcoming the addiction too. This is where our compassionate counseling enters your treatment program to provide you with a full recovery. If further counseling is needed, we will provide the appropriate referrals for you as well, to ensure your full, optimal wellness.