Skin Tightening

Tightening, Toning and Firming Your Skin

While it would be nice to turn back the clock and regain the fresh, youthful glow of a teenager’s skin, science has yet to develop a real-life fountain of youth. Fortunately, Veritas Medi Spa offers the next best thing – a non-surgical, non-invasive, FDA-approved Skin Tightening Treatment utilizing the most advanced laser technology on the market today. Veritas Laser Medi Spa offers safe and effective technologies to people in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas that can restore your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Using radio-frequency energy, our solutions heat the skin and cause the collagen fibers, which are the key structural components of the skin, to contract, delivering immediate skin tightening results. The heating process causes fibroblasts cells, which are the cells responsible for collagen production, to produce new collagen. This results in restored elasticity and firmness and long-term skin tightening.

Veritas Medi Spa’s Skin Tightening procedures do not require anesthesia or a prolonged recovery time and allow you to continue your normal activities immediately. You will notice a steady improvement that provides superior long-term skin tightening results.

While our Skin Tightening Laser Treatments can be performed to treat loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body, the procedure is frequently used for toning the thin, loose skin found on the face, neck and under the upper arms. It is also an ideal choice for tightening up skin on the abdomen and/or thighs following surgery or childbirth.

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Skin Tightening