Consider this….you have a tattoo that you love, BUT, it does not love you back! It was done poorly or has faded…but you still want THAT tattoo.  So, what do you do? Though most people would chose to just live with it, in today’s world, there is a better option. Tattoo remodeling! A Dr. Myers inspired idea.

Dr. Myers has teamed up with expert tattoo artists to refine the idea of tattoo remodeling. In consultation with these artists, the lasers are set to “buff” away those parts of the tattoo that are unsightly. Once a sufficient amount of the undesired part of the tattoo is “buffed,” the tattoo artist can then remodel the tattoo to your specifications.

So, what if you have a tattoo that you hate and want removed? Typically, a person will just have a tattoo artist put a tattoo over the existing one, but in the end it just looks like a big blob of ink.Because of laser technology, Veritas Medi Spa can work with your tattoo artist and have the parts of the old tattoo removed that will interfere with the new tattoo and the difference is amazing!!!!

These are custom procedures that many laser tattoo centers are not equipped to do.

But VERITAS can!!!!!

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