Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program

The Centers for Disease Control states that nearly 35% of adults in the United States are considered to be obese. Obesity is also the leading cause of preventable death in America. Dealing with excess weight is a major health issue that our considerate staff at Veritas Medical Spa is here to help with. We treat for weight loss and conditions associated with obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, coronary artery disease, obstructive sleep apnea and other respiratory diseases. At Veritas Medical Spa, we encourage overall health wellness and provide effective weight loss methods so that our patients can achieve their goals of ultimate health wellness.

Our Program

Our weight loss program is a specialized medical program that is supervised and counseled by board certified physicians. Each of our patients will have an individualized program based on specific health goals, medical history, nutritional habits, exercise habits and personal metabolic rate. During the program, we may also suggest lipotropic injections, which are formulated to help catalyze the breakdown of fat during the body’s metabolism process. We may also prescribe certain medications, as well as suggest vitamin B12 injections, for use as appetite suppressants. We provide the means for our patients to begin living a healthy life, from eating to exercising, and everything healthy in between.

Supress Your Appetite

We Provide Education& Support

We provide education to our patients so that they can make on-going lifestyle changes, such as long-term adjustments in daily eating and exercise habits. Our program at Veritas takes a 5-point approach to weight management. We provide knowledge on proper nutrition, exercise, needed medications, and weigh-ins. We also provide counseling as support so that our patients are well informed and encouraged throughout the entire program—and much healthier at the end of it.

Achieve Ultimate Wellness

We not only want our patients to achieve weight loss goals. We also encourage our patients to achieve their best overall wellness. The ultimate goal for our patients is to maintain a healthy weight and end the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Our goals are for our patients to maintain a healthy weight, reduce obesity-related health risks, and provide ultimate wellness. From a physician’s supervised program, within a supportive and caring environment, we make these goals achievable.

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Contact us at Veritas Medical Spa now for more information about our weight loss program services. There are neither gimmicks nor force of product purchase requirements (food, drinks, et cetera). We are only here to help our patients achieve their ultimate health wellness in the best way possible.