Fine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction

Although to some, fine lines and wrinkles are considered to be a sign of wisdom; in most cases when it comes to this subject we would all agree that less is more. Veritas Medi Spa offers advanced solutions that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in safe, effective and virtually painless procedures. We take pride in being on the cutting edge of Wrinkle Reduction for Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

At Veritas Medi Spa, we utilize technology that has been clinically proven to effectively treat all types of wrinkles. Heat generated during the treatment causes the collagen fibers in the skin to contract, resulting in immediate tightening of the skin. During this process, fibroblast cells which are responsible for collagen production begin to produce new collagen. The new collagen replaces your older skin and gives you younger, smoother and firmer skin texture. Best of all, treatment is a quick and convenient. With a simple “walk-in and walk-out” procedure, we can deliver immediate and long-term wrinkle results. Say hello to younger and firmer looking skin and kiss those wrinkles goodbye!

Wrinkle Reduction

How Wrinkle Reduction Treatments Work

At Veritas Medi Spa we are proud to offer TriPollar® technology! Using medically proven radio-frequency (RF) energy, TriPollar energy heats the skin from within. The internal heat causes the collagen fibers to contract and, in turn, new collagen production begins. The new collagen provides the skin with added flexibility which yields long term wrinkle reduction