Need Your Tattoo Removed for Your Wedding?

Tattoo Removal for Your Wedding

Tattoos are a beautiful art form and tool for self-expression, when done correctly. Yet some tattoo-goers unfortunately do not always receive the result they are looking for. And when it comes to your wedding, you want every detail to be in synch. If you have the name of a partner other than your future husband or wife tattooed, for instance, it may not be a good look for you at your wedding. If you know that a poorly done or no longer favored tattoo will be revealed at your next photographed event—such as a wedding—tattoo removal services from us at Veritas MediSpa is the best option.

Tattoo Removal Procedure

This state-of-the-art technique enables targeting of the tattoo site, without affecting the surrounding skin. From the age of the tattoo, to the skin type of the individual and type of ink used, everyone’s tattoos are different. This means that the tattoo removal techniques being used are also specifically suited for each individual case.

Tattoo Removal Service

The type of wavelengths of laser light used varies depending on the tattoo’s ink color and general depth of the tattoo. The laser incorporates short pulses of intense light to the tattoo site. As the laser’s light passes through the skin’s top layers, the light gets absorbed into the tattoo pigment. The energy of the laser light pulses causes the tattoo pigment to disperse into small particles. These particles are gradually removed by your body’s immune response, naturally.

Permanent Results for a Fresh Start

Tattoo removal procedures by us at Veritas MediSpa fully eliminate or lighten existing tattoos using this state-of-the-art laser technique. After the once-tattooed area is treated, though taking a bit of time to heal, you and your skin are ready for a fresh start. As permanent as tattoos are, the results of our laser tattoo removal services are even more everlasting.

Of course, unfavorable ink can be covered up with more tattoos too, but it allows for another chance of a mess-up if done incorrectly, only making things worse. If you are in need of tattoo removal services for your wedding or other upcoming event, do not wait any longer. Call our team of trained professionals at Veritas MediSpa today for more information on our reliable tattoo removal services and to schedule an appointment. Get ready for your summer wedding, and get rid of unwanted tattoos now!